The Mutant Mouse Behaviour network, a medium to present and discuss methods for the behavioural phenotyping

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The nonprofit international Mutant Mouse Behaviour network "MMB" was founded within the framework of the conference "Behavioural Phenotyping of Mouse Mutants", February 2000, held in Cologne, Germany. It intends to be a forum for presenting and discussing all topics dealing with the behavioural phenotyping of mice. The major aim of the MMB is to support the interdisciplinary finding of a consensus on the methods and techniques used for behavioural phenotyping of mouse mutants. That means that scientist involved in the development of mouse models have to consent to the fact that a consideration of all the parameters that might affect the behaviour is necessary. Finding and establishing a consensus is a fluent process based on a continuous exchange of information. The network will provide a standardised database that includes detailed descriptions of test methods and of the relevant background parameters that might influence the behaviour of mice. Information will range from detailed descriptions of test methods, specifications of the equipment used, housing conditions, and specifications of the animals used according to the international nomenclature. The detailed descriptions will help in making behavioural tests and their results comprehensible and reproducible. A mailing list has been established to provide a platform for the continuous exchange of information between the network members. It will be a forum for discussing all topics related to behavioural phenotyping (see above). Scientists from all research areas involved are free to provide detailed information about their experimental work, and will, in return, get a quick response to their questions. Furthermore, the mailing list will be a useful medium to determine which information should be incorporated.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)691-694
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JournalPhysiology & behavior
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 13 Sept 2001
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  • Phenotyping; Database; Mouse; Mutant; Network; MMB; Behaviour; Standardisation


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