The genus Furo (Pisces, Halecomorphi) from the Upper Jurassic Plattenkalke of Germany

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An overview of the species assigned to the genus Furo found in the German lithographic limestones ofthe Solnhofen-area (Bavaria) and Nusplingen (Baden-Wiirttemberg) is presented and the monophyly of the UpperJurassic Furo is discussed. Six species can be recognized: 'F.' latimanus, 'F.' longiserratus, 'F.' microlepidotes, 'F' aldingeri, 'F.' angustus and F.' münsteri. Among these 'F' angustus and 'F.' münsteri form a monophyletic group, to which 'F.' aldingeri might be related as well. 'F.' longiserratus might be closely related to the Ophiopsidae, whereas 'F' microlepidotes shows similarities with the Caturidae. The position of 'F.' latimanus remains to be determined.There are no indications of a monophyletic genus of Furo and the relationships of the Upper Jurassic furids with the Lower Jurassic species of Furo remain to be examined.
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Publication statusPublished - 1998


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