Non-Riemannian gravity actions from double field theory

A. D. Gallegos, U. Gürsoy, S. Verma, N. Zinnato

Research output: Working paperPreprintAcademic


Non-Riemannian gravitational theories suggest alternative avenues to understand properties of quantum gravity and provide a concrete setting to study condensed matter systems with non-relativistic symmetry. Derivation of an action principle for these theories generally proved challenging for various reasons. In this technical note, we employ the formulation of double field theory to construct actions for a variety of such theories. This formulation helps removing ambiguities in the corresponding equations of motion. In particular, we embed Torsional Newton-Cartan gravity, Carrollian gravity and String Newton-Cartan gravity in double field theory, derive their actions and compare with the previously obtained results in literature.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 14 Dec 2020


  • hep-th
  • gr-qc


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