Neomediewalizm i przyszłość miast

Translated title of the contribution: Neo-Medievalism and the urban future

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The Middle Ages have for the last centuries been used as an object of fear and contrasted with the benefits of modernisation delivered by ever stronger nation-states. But this modernisation narrative of the nation-state has been challenged in the last decades. Globalisation has not only brought people in the world closer together, but has also challenged established certainties. Especially the project of the nation-state of national integration and national development has been challenged by globalisation. After the period of national integration we are now entering a period of renewed fragmentation, questioning the taken for granted dominance of national territories. This has sparked by some a renewed interest in the Middle Ages when the nation-state was not so dominant. This essay focusses on the changing role of cities. It discusses not only how cities and their urban networks tear the traditional fabric of the nation-state apart, but also to what extent urban networks and regions can in the future play an important role in new forms of network based economic, political and civic integration.
Translated title of the contributionNeo-Medievalism and the urban future
Original languagePolish
Title of host publicationMiasta w nowym średniowieczu
EditorsGrzegorz Lewicki
Place of PublicationWroclaw
PublisherEuropesjska Stolica Kultury, Wroclaw 2016
Number of pages21
ISBN (Print)978-83-946602-6-0
Publication statusPublished - 2016


  • neomediavalism
  • urban and regional studies


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