Idempotents and homology of diagram algebras

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This paper provides a systematization of some recent results in homology of algebras. Our main theorem gives criteria under which the homology of a diagram algebra is isomorphic to the homology of the subalgebra on diagrams having the maximum number of left-to-right connections. From this theorem, we deduce the `invertible-parameter' cases of the Temperley-Lieb and Brauer results of Boyd-Hepworth and Boyd-Hepworth-Patzt. We are also able to give a new proof of Sroka's theorem that the homology of an odd-strand Temperley-Lieb algebra vanishes, as well as an analogous result for Brauer algebras and an interpretation of both results in the even-strand case. Our proofs are relatively elementary: in particular, no auxiliary chain complexes or spectral sequences are required. We briefly discuss the relationship to cellular algebras in the sense of Graham-Lehrer.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages40
Publication statusPublished - 4 Dec 2022


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  • 20J06, 16E40 (Primary), 20B30 (Secondary)


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