An Empirical Evaluation Roadmap for iStar 2.0

Lidia López, Fatma Baak Aydemir, Fabiano Dalpiaz, Jennifer Horkoff

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    The iStar 2.0 modeling language is the result of a two-year
    community effort intended at providing a solid, unified basis for teaching
    and conducting research with i*. The language was released with important
    qualities in mind, such as keeping a core set of primitives, providing
    a clear meaning for those primitives, and flattening the learning curve
    for new users. In this paper, we propose a list of qualities against which
    we intend iStar 2.0 to be evaluated. Furthermore, we describe an empirical
    evaluation plan, which we devise in order to assess the extent
    to which the language meets the identified qualities and to inform the
    development of further versions of the language. Besides explaining the
    objectives and steps of our planned empirical studies, we make a call for
    involving the research community in our endeavor.
    Original languageEnglish
    Title of host publicationProceedings of the Ninth International i* Workshop (istar'16)
    Publication statusPublished - 2016

    Publication series

    NameCEUR Workshop Proceedings
    ISSN (Print)1613-0073


    • i* Framework
    • iStar 2.0
    • empirical engineering
    • evaluation


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