Advanced iontronic spiking modes with multiscale diffusive dynamics in a fluidic circuit

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Fluidic iontronics is emerging as a distinctive platform for implementing neuromorphic circuits, characterized by its reliance on the same aqueous medium and ionic signal carriers as the brain. Drawing upon recent theoretical advancements in both iontronic spiking circuits and in dynamic transport of aqueous electrolytes through conical ion channels, which form fluidic memristors, we expand the repertoire of proposed neuronal spiking dynamics in iontronic circuits. Through a modelled circuit containing channels that carry a bipolar surface charge, we extract phasic bursting, mixed-mode spiking, tonic bursting, and threshold variability, all with spike voltages and frequencies within the typical range for mammalian neurons. These features are possible due to the strong dependence of the typical conductance memory retention time on the channel length, enabling timescales varying from individual spikes to bursts of multiple spikes within a single circuit. These advanced forms of neuronal-like spiking support the exploration of aqueous iontronics as an interesting platform for neuromorphic circuits.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages10
Publication statusPublished - 26 Jan 2024


  • cond-mat.soft


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